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Doodle Bugs! Team Tuesday: Issue 252

February 23, 2016

Have you noticed that every day of the year has been established as a “National Day” of something? Admittedly, some are a little more important than others! Yesterday, our team in McCandless celebrated the non-alcoholic version of National Margarita Day! Did anyone else partake?


Each day the front desk team in McCandless sends a ‘Morning Announcement’ to the classrooms, detailing information about the day. At the bottom of the announcements, Miss Taryn always adds a fun fact or trivia question for the teachers as well. Yesterday’s tidbit announced that it was National Margarita Day! Miss Jane and Miss Taryn seized the opportunity and brought in non-alcoholic margaritas and chips & salsa to share with the faculty. On her break, Miss Jane took the time to pass them out to each classroom for the teachers to enjoy during nap time. How thoughtful is that?
Thank you Jane and Taryn for taking the time and effort to spread your doodle spirit by doing something so fun and kind for your fellow co-workers! It was a perfect Pick-Me-Up in the middle of the day.
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