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7 Super Cool Valentines

January 28, 2016

Have you thought about your kids’ valentines yet? If the answer is no, well, we get it. Thankfully, in this pin-obsessed world wide web we live in, craft bloggers have our backs. We scoured the web and came up with 7 great, non-candy options and we think there’s something for everyone!


For your inquisitive preschooler who easily distracted by what they see out the window:

bird feeder


For your Jackson Pollock-inspired toddler who isn’t afraid to get her hands (a little) dirty: 

noodle necklace


For your 3-year old whose sense of humor already rivals your own:

dino valentine



For your child’s teacher who’s trying her best to survive the winter months:




For your School-Ager who insists he needs to carry his lightsaber on the bus:



For your “wild” Pre-K’er who does a mean (albeit loud) lion impression:

wild animals



For Gramps and Grammie who are convinced that cookies right before bed are a good idea:

long distance hug



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